A Strategic Approach and Business Impact

The Company provides the strategic approach you need to achieve business impact, applying a best-practice  engagement methodology that spans key areas of activity, including:

  • Determine Workforce Planning Strategy
  • Assess Employment Brand
  • Identify Gaps and Inefficiencies
  • Develop Recruitment Programs
  • Set Project Timelines and Objectives
  • Establish Project Team
  • Establish Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators
  • Initiate Change Management and Communication
  • Project Launch
  • Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment
  • Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs
  • Conduct Program Reviews
  • Identify Optimization Opportunities
  • Conduct Surveys and Communicate Results

Full Recruitment Cycle

Under the backlog of administration, businesses often miss their best hiring opportunities being too preoccupied to see the employees from the endless applicants.

  • Workforce Planning
  • Employment Brand Development
  • Reporting Strategy
  • Planning and Execution
  • Process Assessment and Optimization
  • Job Profiling
  • Interview Tools
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Employment Background Screening
  • E-Reference Checking
  • Best-In-Class Applicant Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking System Administration
  • Recruiting Program Design/Management
  • Full-Lifecycle recruitment/Management

HR Talent Acquisition Recruiter / HR Corporate Recruiter (in-house consultant)

  • SR is broadly recommended by large banks on project assignments to coordinate the recruitment efforts of the entire organization on a local and global level.
  • SR designs the recruitment system and implements the overall recruiting strategy, handles hiring, employee retention and  all of the general duties associated with employee management and policy.
  • SR works closely with the Human Resources department, Executives and Managers in order to get the best talent for the  company.
  • SR prepares job descriptions/profiles as well as continually sources candidates for current and future open positions.
  • SR implements tools to enhance communication and follow-up in order to keep candidates and hiring  managers up to date within the managed time frame.
  • SR provides reports and metrics analysis.
  • SR have built a follow-up system with track sheets, that maintains a healthy relationship with line managers and keep up a strong communication with the client.
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